About Us

In 2001, The State University of New York University Center for Academic and Workforce Development (UCAWD), through funding support from the New York State Legislature, created the Advanced Technology Training and Information Networking (ATTAIN) project to promote digital parity in New York’s economically challenged communities. Through this initiative, technology labs are placed in communities where residents can have access to the Internet, state-of-the-art hardware and interactive, multimedia software. The resident users are able to enhance their employability and academic skills in an ATTAIN lab, as well as gain invaluable insight into how technology profoundly affects the lives of the entire family.

The ATTAIN project seeks to narrow the existent digital divide by providing ongoing access to education and training through the use of technology. Once access occurs, computer literacy and training can begin, and opportunities for success in school and at the workplace increase. The natural outcomes are enhanced employability skills leading to greater earning potential and academic skills leading to post secondary enrollment.

UCAWD is responsible for the administration of 10 Educational Opportunity Centers (EOC) and two Outreach Centers. The EOCs have a forty year history of training individuals who are unemployed, underemployed and lack the skills to enter college or entry level employment. UCAWD also administers the Bridge Program, New York State’s leading welfare-to-work program which places individuals on public assistance in unsubsidized employment.

Many of the individuals who were mentioned above earn less that $15,000 annually and mainly comprise the households that do not have access to computers or the Internet. For African-American and Hispanic adults, the workplace and job training centers provide the main access to technology. With the unemployment rate remaining high with this population group, greater use of technology for job preparation and job search increases their likelihood of securing employment. Having persisted in low-wage jobs, they require education, training and mentoring to advance in their current positions or transition to careers that have a positive employment outlook for the future. The ATTAIN labs facilitate this transition for these individuals both at the EOCs and in ATTAIN labs located in community based organizations and public housing, where these individuals reside.

Our Mission
  • Provide access to state-of-the-art technology for individuals with limited experience and knowledge of technology in order to function responsibly in an increasingly demanding technological world;
  • Provide opportunities for training in academic and employability skills, utilizing educationally sound, responsive software;
  • Provide opportunities for participants to gain knowledge of the world through the use of the Internet;
  • Transform attitudes of individuals about the use of technology and its affect on their daily living;
  • Communicate and share information with individuals from around the world;
  • Use technology to support a child’s learning in and out of the classroom; and
  • Provide information technology training and industry certification, leading to career upgrades.