Career Center

Every day thousands of employers post online job opportunities looking to attract the best of the best. Employers receive hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of responses to these job openings.

Candidates today need to be informed and be well-prepared. To remain competitive and move ahead in today’s complex job market, you need all the tools at your finger tips to help you find your edge. And, candidates who have well-prepared resumes, good job search skills, solid references and a clear understanding of their career potential, stand out and gain that momentum.

Welcome to the ATTAIN Career Center, an online career resource hub that connects our users to industry news, career information, the latest labor and industry data as well as local, state and national job opportunities.

Links, tools and other reference information in the Career Center include:

Academic and Vocational Career Options
Access sites with information on career options, salary trends, comparative salary data, tips, advice and tools.

Employer Network
Connect to a network of proven employers and leading industries.

Job Search Links
Quick links to local, state or national job searches with the online job search tools.