Success Stories

Karen Allen
Recent graduate and accepted to Sullivan County Community College
Anticipating graduation from high school, Karen Allen was getting more and more excited at the possibilities for her future with a high school diploma.  After reviewing the number of credits, she learned that she needed two credits to graduate.  With the approval of her principal, Ms. Catherine Hartnett, Karen was assigned to the Independent Study program using various computer-based vocational programs available here at the W.E.B. DuBois High School ATTAIN lab.

Ms. Allen resisted the temptation to interact with her classmates and sacrificed her lunch periods to complete ATTAIN courseware vocational programs to meet her elective requirements towards a high school diploma.  Periodically Karen would use the Internet in the ATTAIN lab to perform research on various colleges and universities that she would like to attend.

In June, Ms. Allen graduated with a high school diploma and was recently accepted at Sullivan County Community College, where she plans to major in Business. She plans to one day open her own business.  She is extremely grateful to the ATTAIN lab program for opportunities in higher education.