Success Stories

Anthony Oduro
ATTAIN Site: Dr. Betty Shabazz ATTAIN Lab – Brooklyn
Currently employed as a full-time security guard in Brooklyn’s Metrotech Center

Mr. Oduro would rarely go to school, was now faced with the reality that he was not going to graduate from high school, and had no means of support.  He was one out of a group of students that was aging out of the school system.

Mr. Oduro, and 14 other students enrolled in the Dr. Betty Shabazz ATTAIN lab.  Mr. Oduro participated in a 10-week training program consisting of 60 hours of job readiness and GED preparation. 

Through the ATTAIN Security Guard courseware, Mr. Oduro developed an understanding of the world and culture of work.  Along with the ATTAIN job readiness curricula he received training on cultural awareness, working with people, key actions and attitude, and applying work ethics.

Mr. Oduro’s desire to succeed enabled him to obtain part-time employment with a security agency while continuing to complete his training.  He completed the 60 hours required, received a stipend from The Brooklyn School of Career Development and recently completed the GED exam at the Brooklyn Educational Opportunity Center (EOC).  

Since completing the program at the ATTAIN lab, Mr. Oduro has been promoted to a full-time position as a security guard in Brooklyn’s Metrotech Center.  Mr. Oduro plans to enroll in the Brooklyn EOC college prep program in the Spring of 2007 with a goal of attending college. "Ms. Mars helped me a lot with my grammar and she made me see that people listen to you when you talk well."  At first the work was boring, but she showed us that it can be fun to learn, she didn’t get mad when I kept asking the same question. She is a really cool teacher and she makes learning fun. I am working now and I am glad that Ms. Shockness brought us to the computer lab."