Success Stories

Sherry Parker

Hello, my name is Sherry Parker.

I started the childcare program in hopes of taking a step forward in reaching one of my long term goals.

I always wanted to build my career around children. I saw that this program could allow me to receive some of the training I needed to work with children. As I began to work on the courses given to me, I immediately became frustrated. I never had an interest in computers. I only used them if I really had to. So every day I would bother Richard Ayanru. I just couldn’t understand why I had to take studies on the computer. Besides, working with children does not require a lot of computer skills. I would fuss at the computer. I even told it I was going to “toss it in the Hudson River” just to get out some of my frustration. For the record I never did.

Despite my personal issues, I remained determined to complete what I started. In time and with a lot of headaches, I finished. I made sure my scores were perfect. I had a lot to prove to myself. I am currently taking online classes to become a teacher at Ashworth University located at 430 Technology Parkway, Norcross, Georgia. This program prepared me for my next step towards one of my long-term goals. Thank you so much for the experience.